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Thursday, 4 April 2013

My 400th Post!!

400 Posts!! Crikey ... that's a lot of waffling!!
Just popped by to share a card I made a while ago.  I cut the ballerina on my Cameo and mounted her onto a beautiful floral oval:
I printed the sentiment and cut it with a smaller floral oval die.  The finishing touches are a rolled ribbon-rose and some bling.
I had a very busy day yesterday - a 6 hour workshop with the lovely Kay Rutter from Hougie Crafts and 2 hours website training in the evening!  Phew!
I had a fab day and learnt some great techniques from Kay, along with some confidence in using my Hougie!
The downside is that I discovered my Hougie board is a FAKE!!  I'm so upset!  I bought the board in good faith from Carole's Crafts in Chippenham and it turns out that it's a copy.  I would never have found this out if I hadn't done the workshop yesterday. 
It turns out that there are quite a few Carole's Crafts around the country and the owner has earned the nickname "Mr Xerox" because he copies so many products.
Trading Standards are aware of what he is doing and he has been to court for counterfeit products but still he is continuing this practise. Stay away from his shops!!
Ok, rant over!!  Hope you're all having a fab week xx


jules said...

Beautiful card!! we used to have one of those shops in town but they moved on!

Linda Simpson said...

Fabulous card Jules and so sorry you have a "Fake" Hougie. I am happy to hear you had a fab time with Kay at the workshop.

Linda xxx

Wishcraft said...

Lovely card Louise, very pretty. Sorry to hear about the Hougie, what a cheek selling fake ones! Hugs, Lisa x

Carol S. said...

Hi Louise, Sad to hear about you being conned. I don't know how these people sleep at night. Love your card and such a pretty colour. Hugs, Carol S.xx

Lea Brawn said...

I have just found your blog! I love your cards! They are so me - I like quite a 'clean' look like yours. Sorry about you being conned - there are some awful people out there - fortunately we are not all like that. Keep your chin up!
Very best wishes and I will now be following your blog.


Kim Dellow said...

So pretty, lovely card.
Wow on the dodge board! Well I never. Sorry to hear that - what a disappointment!
Hope you have a good crafty weekend. Kim

Carole Beath said...

Louise, I am so sorry you were conned. We all are so vulnerable for unsavory antics. Love your card a lot... I have to check on what a Hougie Board is. It's a new word to me.

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